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Let’s talk about The Pearl House.

The Pearl House exists to provide hope for girls in rural Ghana, Africa. By providing physical care, emotional support, spiritual development, and life-changing academic/vocational opportunities, they empower our girls to discover their unique identity and purpose in Christ.

Pretty awesome, huh? Yeah, I thought so! I first came to hear about The Pearl House and the work that they do way back in 2016. I was approached about designing and developing their new website. After learning about this non-profit and what they do I jumped at the chance to work with them. And honestly, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with them and on their projects.

I love working with 501(c)(3)’s for many reasons, however, the main reason I choose to work with non-profits is because of the lives that are changed. I love seeing people grow beyond what they, the individual, thought was possible. My primary skill set is in design and building websites. Which means I’m limited in ways that can be beneficial for the groups of people who may need very specific help. However, by providing these services I get to be a part of something very unique and very special.

What do I do for The Pearl House? I built and maintain their website. Like all of my client websites, I start with WordPress as a base and I build custom themes and page templates on top. These projects require a strong working knowledge of WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and PHP. I worked one on one with The Pearl House and their marketing agency to put together the overall look and design. Upon approval, we moved to the coding and buildout stage.

I am very proud of the end result of the website. It looks great and is very customizable. Feel free to check out the site at and while your there I would encourage you to learn more about this amazing Tulsa based non-profit. And, if you feel led to do so, you should totally consider giving them a donation.