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Client Logo

Here is another one of those delightfully random branding projects.

TBDGamer, aka Terry Burns Dyson, is a live coder that approached me after I completed my work with Ryan over at Developers Garage. He was also looking to upgrade his branding and needed a “professional” to work with.

Terry reached out and as we began to discuss the project it was clear that he leaned heavily into vintage video games. He shared with me how much of a collector he was and he wanted to showcase that in his live coding brand and stream.

Terry streams exclusively on Twitch. If you have ever gone down the rabbit hole that is Twitch you would know that there are several ways that you can personalize the platform for your stream. Twitch Panels, Emotes, Logos, Colors. It’s all there for the customizing.

I quickly got to work. Building out several logo options as well as an entire branding system. Check it out! 👇🏼

Example: TBDGamer Logo Variations

This is a prime example of why I love my job. I’m able to help people visually showcase who they are and what they do.

If you need help taking your project to the next level feel free to reach out through the chat feature in the lower right corner of this page, by filling out my contact form, are reaching out on Facebook and/or Instagram.

I can’t wait to get started on your next project!