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Friends of the Mansion (FOMOK) is a non-profit that works in partnership with Oklahoma’s First Family to preserve and promote the Oklahoma Governor’s Mansion.

And I was lucky enough to get to partner with Hero Productions and revamp and update their existing website! I have had the pleasure of working on several website projects with Hero Productions over the last few years. Projects like Inside Out Re-Entry Services branding and website, The Pearl House website, and now Friends of the Mansion.

Like all other website projects, I started with a WordPress base and built FOMOK a custom theme using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I like to think of myself as a designer first and a Front-End Web Developer second. So, I jumped in Adobe XD and built out the wireframe of the site with notes, copy, and images provided by Hero Productions. After a little bit of back and forth with Hero Productions and FOMOK, we locked in on the design of the site. The whole process actually went rather quickly.

Once the design is approved, I move right into the coding phase of the project. Every site I build is designed mobile-first. What does that mean? Well, I’ll tell you. Well over 60% of the internet is viewed on a mobile device. iPhone, Android, iPad. Then you get into those power users that still rock the laptop/desktop. So, when I am designing and coding, everything is built with the mindset that we are starting on a small screen and moving onto a larger screen.

Screenshot: Friends of the Mansion 002

Each project goes into several reviews of the site as we build. Once a site is in the browser you can get a better sense of how the site will feel. Text and font size, readability, functionality, animations, and hover effects all get fleshed out in this phase of the build. After the back and forth we finally arrive at the ‘almost’ final stage of the site. This is typically when we get to the ‘soft launch’. The soft launch is when we move the site from a staged site to an actual production site. This gets more eyes on the project and lets us button up any major ‘bugs’ before we roll out the site as a marketable product.

Ultimately we arrive at the FINAL launch of the site and share the project with the world. It’s a beautiful thing!

Screenshot: Friends of the Mansion 004
Screenshot: Friends of the Mansion 005
Screenshot: Friends of the Mansion 006

I love working on these projects. And I love working with Friends of the Mansion and Hero Productions. Each project that I get to build out with my partners and clients makes the next project that much better.

So, how can I help you with your project? Message me and let’s find out together. You can reach out on Facebook, Instagram, my contact form, and/or by using the chat button in the lower-left corner of this site. I am always open to working with businesses of all sizes, non-profits, churches, and individuals. Let’s talk!

Screenshot: Friends of the Mansion 007