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Check out one of the singles from the album below!

Have you guys heard of Eden Trentham? If not, you need to go check out now. Eden is a singer-songwriter from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is one of the coolest people I have had the opportunity to meet. She has continued to bless me through her music since the first note.

Seriously, you need to go check her out! You can find her on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram!

I jumped at the opportunity to work with her when I was asked to design all the artwork for her debut album! The project was so fun to work on and Eden and her husband (Brandon of Brandon Trentham Outdoors) are always a pleasure to work with.

Here is some of what I got to work on with Eden!

Not only did I get to work on the album but I also got to build her website!

It’s always so exciting to work with other creative people who are doing such creative projects. Make sure you stay tuned for more music from Eden. I’m sure there will be more that she will share real soon!