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Client Logo

I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of really cool people, organizations, and small businesses over the years. Brian Bryan is one of those really cool people who happens to run a nonprofit. That nonprofit is the Combat Team. The Combat Team is a nonprofit that uses martial arts as a ministry tool to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I met Brian all the way back in 2014 as I was wrapping up my Web/Graphic Design Degree. Brian was needing to update the branding for the Combat Team and he was also needing a website. We were introduced by Kelly Kerr, who was an instructor at the time. Combat Team became one of my very first clients for the newly formed Think Young Designs.

Another student actually developed the new logo and branding for the Combat Team. I was using Photoshop as my primary web design software, which is crazy to think about, and I was just starting to get into preprocessors and sass, which is also crazy to think about.

The original site was built on WordPress with a custom theme designed and coded using HTML, CSS, and Javascript/jQuery. The look of the site has changed over the years and the technology has been updated with each iteration. It has been really cool to be a part of a site for such a long run.

Since launching the website, the working relationship has grown into working on several different projects for the organization and working with Brian and his team is always a pleasure.