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Client Logo

Have I told you guys how much I love working with startups? No? Well, it’s true. Startups are ground zero. Startups pose infinite possibilities. Infinite possibilities lead to discovery.

The creative process on any startup begins with getting to know the client. Finding out the why behind the business. Why are you doing this? What brought you to this point. Are you ready to take it to the next level.

Canvas and Clay: Handmade Jewelry was one of those fun little branding projects that started out as a friend asking if I could help out another friend get a logo. Being that we are all friends of course I said yes.

I reached out to Morgan and immediately got to work. We started with the creative meeting via text and Morgan sent over some examples of what she was looking for in a logo. Knowing that Morgan was in the very beginning stages of a new business, and needing a logo, I took the time to throw out some of my experience when it came to starting a business. I thought maybe I could help her avoid some of the mistakes I made and get her to a more professional level a little quicker. Did I mention that I love working with small businesses and startups? I did? Anyway, we got the logo all worked out and knocked out the jewelry card that she attached to every piece that she sends out to her customers.

Again, She didn’t need “much” however, without the branding, without the logo, Canvas and Clay would not be taken seriously by her peers and could not rise above the white noise of her competitors. This is what branding your business can and will do for you.

Make sure you go check out @Shop.Canvas.and.Clay on Instagram! If you like what she has going on, give her a like and a follow! Tell her Joe at Think Young Designs sent you. While you there, you should go like and follow @ThinkYoungDesigns on Facebook and Instagram! We like to post stuff too!