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Sometimes small projects turn into big fun and the Alstrin Welding Co. was and is definitely one of those types of projects!

Cora and Bradley showed up out of nowhere. Literally! Cora googled local #GraphicDesigners and boom Think Young Designs was at the top of the list. Maybe I do have some SEO skills. Two clicks later, and she was filling out my contact form.

I reached out to Cora, set up a zoom call (thanks COVID 🙄). I walked her through the pricing and the process, which really is pretty straight forward. She agreed and we proceeded to build out the all-new never before imagined Alstrin Welding Co. brand.

Branding a welding company seems so small compared to massive fortune 500 companies. But, that is where I like to be. Helping startups and small businesses. There is no reason that small businesses can’t be treated just like the big guys. The internet, social media, and companies like mine can position a business to compete on a global market no matter where the business is located or how big/small they are.

What did we ultimately provide for the Alstrin Welding Co.? Here’s a breakdown:

I like to think of Think Young Designs as a one stop shop for small businesses. We can get you set up and we can take care of it for you, so you don’t have to.

So, congratulations Alstrin Welding Co.! Welcome to the small business club. We are glad you’re here and can’t wait to see where you grow!