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Hero Image: Stockstill For Congress - More Print

It’s all about name recognition.

With the Stockstill for Congress campaign in full swing, we have seen a lot of product showing up at the office this week. Flyers, Note Cards, Bumper Stickers, and even more Business Cards. Each piece is basically a variation of other products we have done for the Stockstill For Congress campaign.

Each project is unique. And, with all the product we have got to work with on this project it has really opened up what we are ultimately able to offer to all of our clients.

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Hero Image: Almighty Sports Website

So yeah, this is a thing we did. 🙂

You guys have probably realized by now that we have a great working relationship with First Baptist Broken Arrow. We are always working on a variety of projects for them. That being said, here is our latest “MAJOR” project that we have completed.

Almighty Sports is the sports and recreation ministry of First Baptist Broken Arrow. They have actually been operating for the better part of the last decade. Almighty Sports provides a variety of sport related programs to the city of Broken Arrow.

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Hero Image: ETM - Album Design

***New Client!!!

Eden Trentham just wrapped on her latest album and we couldn’t be more thrilled to get the opportunity to work with her on the design and the layout of the jacket and disc. Being an indie artist is tough. Funding your first professional album is tough. Working with Eden and her husband, Brandon, was a breeze. We all connected from day one! We got together briefly and discussed what Eden would like to see as the design for the album. She new she wanted to keep it simple.

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Hero Image: Stockstill For Congress - Stickers

Yet another fun Stockstill for Congress project. We are not even sure if you can run for office and not have stickers.

The designs for the stickers are heavily inspired by the political campaigns of the 60’s and 70’s. These stickers were printed the same way stickers were printed in the 60’s and 70’s. Spot Colors! More specifically generic red and blue.

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Hero Image: Stockstill For Congress - Website

We told you there would be more!

We are building everything from the ground up for the Stockstill campaign. We started with the branding/look/feel. We produced the business cards and the push cards. Now we have launched the preliminary website. This is what we love to work on.

Like most of our websites we started with WordPress. We designed this site mobile first and support IE 11, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, FireFox, and Safari. We coded the site using HTML, Sass, Javascript, jQuery and used build tools like Grunt.

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Project Image: Stockstill For Congress - Push Card 006

We recently took on a new client! Mr. Danny Stockstill! We are thrilled to be working with Danny and his campaign. Danny is running for Oklahoma 1st District House of Representatives.

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Hero Image: FBCBA - Decals

We love stickers!

With most jobs we simply outsource any production work to one of our preferred vendors. However, we have recently started dabbling in vinyl-cut decals. This was our first official decal order. These were to be used as car window decals to promote the church throughout the community. We ran a total of 1500 decals.

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Hero Image: Hope Intersecting Souls - Website

Hope Intersecting Souls is our latest non-profit group that we have had the pleasure of working with. We were lucky enough to get to work with HIS Ministry from the very beginnings of the organization. We worked closely with them to create a look and a feel for the site. We started with branding and moved straight into website mockups and coding.

The new standard approach:

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Hero Image: FBCBA - New Website

Building websites is not just about mockups, code, and third-party integrations. It’s also about understanding the inner workings of how the organization operates. We started by having an initial creative meeting. We wanted to better understand how we could come along side First Baptist and build out a tool that would actually open the door to better communication for members and visitors.

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