Building websites is not just about mockups, code, and third-party integrations. It’s also about understanding the inner workings of how the organization operates. We started by having an initial creative meeting. We wanted to better understand how we could come along side First Baptist and build out a tool that would actually open the door to better communication for members and visitors.

After a few conversations we determined that the main thing that would drive the site was Bible studies, events, and Ministry areas. Once we had a direction we started on mockups. The look and feel of the site was based on a pre-established style guide. Upon completion of the mockups we met back up with the creative team at FBCBA. Upon approval we moved on to coding out the site.

The entire site runs on WordPress. We built out a custom theme using the latest web technologies. Utilizing HTML, PHP, Sass, and build tools like grunt we worked quickly to build out the site. The site was launched in December of 2016. We optimized the site to work on all social media platforms with a focus on Twitter and Facebook. One of the reason we leverage WordPress as a CMS is because of the built in SEO.

This is one of the larger build outs we have done. We really enjoy working with First Baptist Broken Arrow. We maintain and update this site regularly.