Efficient Metal Roofing was one of our first clients. EMR was in serious need of a web presence. Their competition was beating them out of work simply because people couldn’t find anything on the web about them. After our first conversation we knew that we could help. We built out their first website quickly. It ran for a bout a year. However, with the changing of web technologies their site needed to be updated to something that was mobile friendly.

With the new design we wanted to accomplish the following:

  • The site had to be mobile friendly
  • Move the site to a faster hosting service.
  • Update the look to feel more modern.
  • Build the site into Jekyll

The site was relaunched in the summer of 2015. The new site runs faster, 60% of the sites traffic is coming from mobile devices, and the design flows better and is easier to read.

We are grateful to have EMR as one of our clients. They have been awesome to work with and if you ever need a new roof for your mobile home, give them a call.

You can check EMR at EfficientMetalRoofing.com.