***New Client!!!

Eden Trentham just wrapped on her latest album and we couldn’t be more thrilled to get the opportunity to work with her on the design and the layout of the jacket and disc. Being an indie artist is tough. Funding your first professional album is tough. Working with Eden and her husband, Brandon, was a breeze. We all connected from day one! We got together briefly and discussed what Eden would like to see as the design for the album. She new she wanted to keep it simple.

The title of the album is “Faithful”. Eden had requested that we recreate her mothers hand writing if possible. It was very important to her. Eden and her sisters went through old notes and cards from their mother and was lucky enough to find the word faithful in one of them. Once we had that we matched up some simple typography and proceeded to set up the template.

This is definitely our favorite project of 2017. Having clients that know what they want and give us the opportunity to come alongside them makes the whole project just drop into place.

Go check out Eden and order her first official release “Faithful” today exclusively at www.edentrenthammusic.com. We promise you’ll thank us later.