So yeah, this is a thing we did. 🙂

You guys have probably realized by now that we have a great working relationship with First Baptist Broken Arrow. We are always working on a variety of projects for them. That being said, here is our latest “MAJOR” project that we have completed.

Almighty Sports is the sports and recreation ministry of First Baptist Broken Arrow. They have actually been operating for the better part of the last decade. Almighty Sports provides a variety of sport related programs to the city of Broken Arrow.

Robbie Evans is the Sports and Recreation Pastor and he has been running the program for First Baptist Broken Arrow since the program was started. This guy knows how to put together a great youth sports program that will help build the character of your child and provide a safe, fun environment for your child to learn. With the rise of social media, Robbie wanted to better compete in his market. This directly influenced his decision to update

Robbie wanted a site that, with a little training, he could update and manage on his own. Enter WORDPRESS. We build almost every site with WORDPRESS at the core. Almighty Sports branding was already strong. So we took what was already their and broke down the branding to it’s simplest color palette and typography. We then built a style guide that would lean heavy into what had already been established.

We moved through mockups and development at a fairly rapid pace. In the end, Robbie’s new site was built Mobile First, on WordPress, and optimized for search engines and social sharing. Make sure you check out Almighty Sports online at and make sure you follow Almighty Sports on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM.

If you would like to contact Robbie, you can message him through FACEBOOK Messenger.