What did we do for Stockstill For Congress?
Graphic Design, Print Design, Social Media Management, and Web Design/Development. We have been lucky enough to work with Danny on his campaign since April 2017. We have been tasked with building out the overall branding as well as all digital and print production for the Stockstill For Congress campaign. It has been an awesome experience working on our first political campaign. We have learned a ton and hope to apply what we have learned to other “LARGE SCALE” projects in the future.

Check out Stockstill For Congress online at StockstillForCongress.com

What is Stockstill For Congress?
Danny Stockstill is a pastor, educator, & small business owner that is running for U.S. Congress as the Oklahoma First District Representative. His mission is to represent all Oklahomans through conservative legislation that protects our freedoms, promotes our values and preserves the Constitution.