What did we do for Kelly Kerr////Cinematographer?
Branding, Logo Design, Web Hosting, Web Design, Web/Wordpress Development. We have been working with Kelly for the last 3 years. His photography and video is starting to show up all over Think Young Design projects. Kelly asked us to put together a simple website where he can showcase his videos. Obviously we said yes! We built everything on WordPress and kept it simple. A backend where Kelly can add video’s and a straight forward frontend that gets rid of all the fluff. Kelly’s branding has always been on the real clean and classy. So, with a new website comes new branding, right? We took what Kelly had and updated it. New logo, New Website, New Camera3728.

It always a pleasure working with professional creatives like Kelly. There are several more projects in the works so stay tuned!

Check out Camera3728 | A Kelly Kerr Portfolio online at camera3728.com