What did we do for Bea & Co?
Logo Design. We love working with the local, small business owner, to start their dream. While Bea & Co is very much in the beginning stages, we believe that it wont be to long until they become the nect BIG THING.

What is Bea & Co?
Bea & Co. is an online-based retail business that directly benefits non-profit causes, like the fight on sex trafficking, and other worthy causes; we offer baby/toddler clothing, work out apparel in ALL sizes, and purpose-based t-shirts designed by us. We “specialize” in women shirts, girl/girl toddler clothing, and women work-out gear. With time, I hope to establish some more boy toddler options. It all started with a dream, that collided with Jesus’ love for me– offering quality clothing with a purpose to you all!

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